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Note: Switching the audio off using this button is not supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. Turn off sound on your computer in this case.

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A refresher and glossary for terminology you may encounter in the training modules.

Audio and video

This online training is supported by audio and video. Make sure you have headphones or loudspeakers available. Some videos are on YouTube, so make sure you can access YouTube.

Note: If you're using Safari you may need to change a setting to let audio play automatically. To do this, open Safari and in the top bar select Safari > Settings for This Website. On the sidebar, select the "Auto-Play" setting, then "Allow All Auto-Play" from the dropdown menu for the training website as shown below.

For more information, see Apple's support page.

Browser and device compatibility

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for the online training. Most other up-to-date browsers are supported as well, incl. Internet Explorer 10 or above, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari.

Please use your device in landscape mode when accessing the training on a mobile device.

Browser setting - JavaScript

Still having problems? Make sure to allow "running scripts or Active X controls" in your browser when launching this course. Here are instructions.

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