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What advice do you give your other clients with backyard chickens?

In the midst of Dave’s chicken's HPAI, subtype H7 diagnosis, word gets around the district and concerned clients begin calling up asking for advice. Your clinic sources up to date relevant industry and government information to develop a factsheet containing general biosecurity advice for the owners of backyard chooks. 

What do you perceive as being the main biosecurity issues that backyard chicken owners need to address to reduce the risk of their flock being exposed to avian influenza?


Biosecurity issue: Wild birds

Biosecurity issue: Unprotected water sources

Biosecurity issue: Introduction of new chickens into the flock

Biosecurity issue: Visitors

Biosecurity issue: Feed

Biosecurity issue: Zoonotic disease risks

Biosecurity issue: Consumption of eggs and chicken meat from infected chickens

Biosecurity issue: Pigs and poultry