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What happens at the infected farm during an AI disease outbreak?

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Reference: AUSVETPLAN Manuals and Documents


Quarantine of infected premises is used to control the spread of the disease from the property by prohibiting movement in or out of risk material such as birds, products and materials. Early implementation of control measures are likely to slow the rate of spread in an area.

Quarantine also needs to be implemented on suspect premises and dangerous contact premises until it has been determined how far the infection has spread.

Animal destruction

To prevent disease spread, all birds must be humanely euthanased. If possible euthanasia should be performed on site, to avoid further virus spread. Methods for euthanasia are fully described in the AUSVETPLAN Destruction of Animals Manual (PDF download).


Decontamination includes cleaning and disinfection of the infected site in order to remove all infective material.

Where stock water is taken from lakes or dams, it should first be treated to minimise the spread of virus. Water treatment may include acidification to pH 2.5, chlorination by hypochlorite, or oxidation by chlorine dioxide.

For further info, see (AUSVETPLAN Avian Influenza manual (PDF download)).

What happened at Dave's farm

While quarantined, all Dave’s chickens were humanely euthanised and disposed of according to the Ausvetplan for AI. The area was decontaminated and Dave will look into restocking after at least 21 days after decontamination.