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Hendra exclusion for Smoky


The samples required for Hendra testing are:

  • Blood in an EDTA tube
  • Blood in a lithium heparin tube
  • Blood in a plain tube
  • Nasal swab
  • Swabs from other mucosal surfaces (rectal, vaginal, oral, conjunctiva)

In the text box below, please list any special requirements for the preparation and submission of these samples. Consider things like volume of blood per tube and sample storage requirements.


Submission of specimens should follow the specific guidelines published for your state or territory (see links below).

For NSW, see videos 1 and 2 here.

In this case, all samples collected may be packed as for routine diagnostic specimen submissions, i.e. small foam container inside a cardboard box or a reusable hard cooler (no outer box required). An ice-brick must be included to keep samples cool but not frozen. All samples should be double bagged and bags disinfected with Virkon™ 1-2% or a chlorhexidine containing product, to the clean side before removing PPE and leaving the property. NB as an enveloped virus Hendra virus is susceptible to several disinfectants, including Virkon™, hypochlorites and quaternary ammonium compounds.

All submissions for the exclusion of Hendra virus must have a clear warning note, e.g. 'Hendra exclusion' inside the Esky and on top of the samples. Note: Do not record this on the outside packaging or on the consignment note.

Note: The sampling and submission requirements may differ across states and territories. Ensure you are aware of any differences that may exist in the region in which you practice by accessing the appropriate state or territory government department website.


Business Queensland


Western Australia DPI

Agriculture Victoria

Northern Territory DPIF (PDF)

Tasmania DPIPWE